The Perfect 3-day Beard


Facial hair either you have it or you don’t and for those that have it, sculpting it is a labor of love. Last winter I grew out a solid two months of beard and to be honest I miss that thing. It was a conversation starter, a face-warmer, a wind-breaker, and most surprisingly my life-partner actually liked it, weird I know.

Beards have become quite the trend lately, at least in my neck of the woods. So much so the papers are writing about local “Bearders” – check out the Edmonton Journal Story

But let’s be honest a beard can really change a man, proof below


For even more proof check out Ryan Hurst aka Opie from Sons of Anarchy…

Ryan Hurst - Opie - Sons of Anarchy 10

Would you guess this is the same guy?


Me neither! (After they killed him off on SOA, staying true to his character Hurst used a Samurai Sword to shave off his beard

Due to being in a professional setting I had to say good-bye to my lovely face-warmer as well (not nearly as emotional or bad-ass as Hurst though) and now I have the constant chore of keeping it “well-groomed”

Being a student for the past few years I have also been frugal (or cheap – call it as you see it) and was rocking the $20 Wal-Mart special to keep the beard in check, that is when I did keep it in check. But now feeling a stronger attachement to my facial growth I decided I could make a bit more of an investment and I set out on a beard trimmer search.

The options were endless and so I set of on some research, first online and then at my barber mostly cause he is handsome devil with a beard that makes the best of jealous. (If you are in Edmonton and need a great cut go visit Rob @ Blunt).

I learned that there were multiple blade styles for a trimmer, the standard, the t-blade, the foil-trimmer, and the detail head. Who knew so many options existed? Well apparently Wahl knew because for the simple price of $49.99 their Lithium Ion Trimmer offers an all in one solution with multiple heads and guards for your every need. I was sold!

This thing is slick and almost silent. The lithium ion battery with the 1-minute charge option means that even when I am late I still have time to be perfectly groomed. The multiple heads clip on and off in seconds and give you the versatility to tackle any style from my go-to 3-day look to just about any other style. It also comes with a storage stand that lets you keep everything neatly in one spot, which was a huge win with the life-partner who likes things tidy.

After using it for a few months now I am still impressed. The foil-trimmer leaves something to be desired and in my brother-in-laws words is basically an electric hair puller. Other than that I still find myself using the multiple blade options with different attachments and testing the waters of what is acceptable in the office. Only other complaint is that the guards fit so tightly that they actually pop the entire head off when you try and remove them. Over-all though if you are searching for that perfectly groomed look like Ben @ the Oscars then I would highly recommend dusting off the wallet and tracking one of these units down.


Now I may pack this beauty away and grow myself a nice bushy yeard, but it is no fault of Wahl’s that’s for sure.


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