A Brief Introduction

Born and raised Albertan about to make an exciting move to join the tech community in the Waterloo region.

My marketing goal is simple: impact.

Whether it is building one relationship or reaching thousands, it all comes down to impacting people in a meaningful way. I believe it takes multiple channels to do so; my experience lies in relationship building in more direct ways and my passion for technology and new media have helped to support that.

My goal in life is also simple: to learn.

Learning, but not in the academic sense. “The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein. I strive to learn from every situation and throw myself out there to new experiences.

I have an addiction to TED Talks and love to talk about them.

I have a rescue puppy who is hilarious and provides endless hours of entertainment.

Soccer occupies a ridiculous amount of my time whether watching, playing, or gaming…

And finally I have an awesome partner who makes all the things in my life so much better… check out her blog


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